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“The best investment on Earth is earth.” -- Louis Glickman                                                               

Modern Design Home

Ashley loves real estate.  She loves property, finding it, buying it, and most of all, given she is a full-time practicing lawyer, she loves the passive income real estate produces. 


It is also a business that will never go out of style as everyone needs a place to live!  Ashley's real estate strategy is focused on buying and holding rental properties in areas where she can cash flow and see a good return on investment. 


She currently focuses on single family homes, but is interested in considering adding multi-family homes to her portfolio as well as pooling capital together and syndicating to do bigger deals.  She is open to properties all over the country as she is able to build a team and have boots on the ground. 


Bring her a deal!

Modern Living Room
Image by Naomi Hébert
Image by Jason Briscoe
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