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Ashley Harris was born and raised in Los Angeles, CA.  She was raised by a single mother who would sacrifice anything for her wellbeing and future.  Living in a city like LA full of stars and wealth on one block and extreme poverty on the next, Ashley was able to quickly learn which way she wanted to lean.   

Likely as a result of this, Ashley is intensely determined and ambitious and believes she can do what she puts her mind to do.   She firmly feels that believing this is half the battle.


As far back as Ashley can remember, she always wanted to be a lawyer. Despite not having any lawyers in her family, Ashley's friends had lawyers in their family and she knew it was an attainable profession.  So, she put her head down and completed every difficult required step to enter the legal profession, culminating in a membership with the California Bar.

While in law school, although the school tried to get students not to work, Ashley created a blog that grew in popularity and she was able to monetize.  After graduating into a recession and trying to land her first job, she started a matchmaking company and quickly gained clients who believed in her mission and her network of desirable singles.


Real Estate

Ashley recently developed a strong passion for real estate investing. It's all she wants to talk about! She is focused on continuing to buy and hold real property in markets that cash flow with strong cap rates, but is open to other investment strategies as she looks to broaden her portfolio. 


Lawyer Bio

A practicing attorney since 2011, Ashley serves as an in-house counsel to a large corporation and attorney to many other clients, particularly those who have not historically had access to attorneys.


Private Members Club

Ashley created Solicity to develop a professional network of high- powered individuals that are amazing on their own, support each other and can take over the world together. All with the overall goal to help further the economic advancement of blacks and other minorities. 



Given Ashley's faith as a Christian, the opportnities she has been presented and the success she has had, it is extremely important for her to give back. To further this goal, Ashley founded a non-profit, On Purpose Too, with her mother, Joyce, to facilitate her efforts to discharge this most important social responsibility. 

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Ashley began working as in-house counsel to a string of large corporations marrying her passions for business and the law, eventually becoming Assistant General Counsel and cementing her practice as a business lawyer.  As her legal career began to take off, she focused on continuing to home her legal skills.  Friends and family began seeking her counsel on a range of legal matters from entity formation, trademarks and entertainment ventures.  Many insisted on working with Ashley  as a result of the trust and faith they had in her, knowing she would take care of them.  Moreover, having started businesses herself, Ashley has significant experience to help guide her clients.  With this, she developed an outside word of mouth practice with consistent business.

After working hard and gaining vast legal experience in her area and feeling secure in her career, she began searching for ways to create passive income.  Still working full-time as a practicing lawyer, a real estate side hustle offered the opportunity for a great return on investment, and with the right team in place, a part-time amount of work on the side.  She researched and educated herself on real estate for about a year and a half before securing her first rental property. 


Ashley has many other interests including entrepreneurship and giving back. She is always looking for her next investment or business or philanthropic venture.  

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